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Yoga On the Cliffs

Every Saturday I get to teach at my favorite Yoga Studio in San Diego! On a cliff above the ocean!  Join me at Adair St/Sunset Cliffs Saturday mornings at 11:00am to greet your weekend with a little peace, calm and strength to ease you into the weekend in a healthy way out in the ocean air and sunshine. Plenty of room for social distancing and plenty of highly circulating fresh air! 

Yoga On the Cliffs

A heart centered Hatha/Vinyasa practice suitable for ALL LEVELS including BEGINNERS. Let me know what your hearts desire. Our practice is always adaptable! I love to fix “Yoga problems” and help to ease minds and bodies with knowledge and practice. I have 15 years experience teaching Yoga as well as Fitness. I am a core focused do no harm teacher who will get you breathing and practicing with more strength, power and ease so it benefits not only your body but your whole life and being!

A friend or two! 
Yoga Mat
Beach Towel or Blanket for under your mat 

Hat/Sunscreen etc. 
An open mind and heart

Yoga On the Cliffs
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