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Jenergy Fitness - Founder

Jennifer "Jenergy" Diamond

If you asked 8 Year old me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would've told you ”Rock Star”! My least favorite class in school was gym unless we were doing gymnastics. At that time I had a dream that Linda Ronstadt picked me up from school rescuing me from gym class and taught me how to sing!  I really wanted to be a gymnast of any of the sports but unfortunately when I was 11 and about to enter 7th grade our school district was doing big budget cuts and they cancelled the Gymnastics Team and sold all the equipment. I was heartbroken!


I always liked to move and dance and tried some basic Yoga in preschool, a few dance classes in elementary school and got to try a Jazzercize class circa 1984 then in Jr. High did Kung Fu and some Karate. In High School Gym Class the boys would play Flag Football and the girls got to work out with Jane Fonda and The Firm on VHS in a glassed in room with mats and an A/V stack with a TV and a VCR . My best friend and I always did exercises from fashion magazines and biked and walked miles in our small town. We were always active and encouraged  to be healthy as grew up in a progressive health minded community. My Mom taught me to read food labels and forbid junky, sugary, chemical, preservatives and artificially colored foods from our pantry. She preferred to make cookies and brownies from scratch on occasion and mostly we ate healthy. Salads were made with “all the colors” for a variety of vitamins my mother taught me. Brown rice was a staple in our house not white.


When I went to College I went to the gym and took aerobics classes. They were so much less frustrating for me to follow than some of the old fashioned dance classes I had taken in my youth. My friend Rachel was the instructor and she played great music, was high energy and it was so much fun. Rachel was also the person that taught me how to work out in the gym. She showed me all the basics that her boyfriend had taught her and my brain just got it. My mind loves movement and I love to connect moves that all work together to put together my own workouts. Every place I lived after that I joined a gym that felt right to me and took classes and worked out in the gym with weights. I was always one of the few women in the weight room.

Fitness Styles



All Levels

An eclectic energizing flow of basic Yoga Asana, Sun Salutation and balance practice. Classes begin with breath practice and simple mind clearing meditation and end with deep relaxing stretches and blissful guided meditations in Savasana. Gentle Restorative, Advanced Power Yoga and Arm Balance Sessions and Workshops are also available.

Personal Training


Private Instruction in Total Body Fitness with free weights and small equipment. Generally 

you will experience some Yoga & Mat Pilates in any of our regular strength training workouts. 

You are also welcome to schedule Private Yoga or 

Private Mat Pilates sessions as well. These two are great for virtual sessions, no equipment needed!

Pool Fitness

Total Body Fitness in the Water for all Ages

We used to call it “water aerobics” and it was traditionally for Older Adult Fitness. It's not just for Grandma!  It’s a great Cardio/Sculpt Workout in the water and a great way to use those big pool noodles for all kinds

of incredible strength building exercises strung together as intervals designed to burn fat but be gentler on joints.

We can do Yoga & Pilates in the pool too!

Reiki & Meditation

Breathing Practices/Guided Imagery/Chakra and Crystal Healing

Using her own powerful attunements and healing hands amplified by crystals, Jen will lead you in a guided Chakra Balancing Meditation, gentle Yoga and/or assisted stretching. 

Reiki helps heal and guide your body and mind to achieve a higher state of calm, centered consciousness, as well as optimal health and wellbeing.

Older Adult

Aerobics/Strength/Stretch/Chair Fitness

For those who would like to start or continue an aerobic and/or strength training program but have orthopedic or other health issues especially those related to aging. You can get a cardio and strength benefit from working out in a chair as well as  standing and using a sturdy piece of furniture to assist your balance.  I give these clients lots of stretches.. Chair Yoga, light free weights, balls and tubing are utilized. I bring music that especially for cognitive issues really reconnects your mind to classic popular music most people enjoy. I love to help older and injured people to retain their strength and even increase it. This helps to increase balance, function and longevity.

Paddleboard Tours/Classes/Rentals

All Levels/All Ages 

Partnered with,  

I can get you out 

on the water with Rentals, Beginner Classes and Private Lessons.


We offer Yoga and Pilates classes on Paddleboards and also

affordable guided day trips and nighttime GLOW tours. Learn how to stand up and properly paddle your board comfortably.

Bring your spouse, bring your kids! It’s fun for everyone!

Pilates / Core

All Levels/All Ages

Everyone wants “washboard abs” but our Core muscles are more than your stomach. Learn all about your core with many moves to challenge your entire torso. Use your core to power your arms and legs and to stabilize rather than overwork your neck and lower back muscles. Learn to work all the smaller helper and stabilizer muscles which are important for the health of all your joints especially if you work out at the gym or do a job that requires strength. Great for rehab as many injuries stem from strength imbalances 

and it is a gentle yet effective type of training. It’s for a flatter belly, 

stronger back, core and leg strength but also for anyone who wants better balance, power and control of their bodies.

Proprioception / Rehab Training

All Levels/All Ages

Proprioception is being clear “where your body is in space and what is it doing as it is moving”. Awareness! It’s really a form of Yoga Practice.

Being “careful”, “pay attention” and “watch what you are doing” are very important cues to follow when you exercise no matter what the activity or sport! Whether you are having BALANCE and/or COORDINATION issues or need more Fitness Training than your Physical Therapist can provide after surgery or other injury. That does not mean an aggressive strategy. We will work on those skills in a slow detailed manner. An individually constructed plan/set of exercises will be designed to help you to: STRENGHTEN, 

STABILIZE and FOCUS your mind and energy using BREATH WORK and CORE ENGAGEMENT.


Have questions?  Want to learn more?

Please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below or check out our FAQ’s Section Here.

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